RASPís Most Popular Library Items

First Decade (1990-2001)


The Regional Autism Services Program has provided a resource library for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Aspergerís Disorder, Autism, etc.) and professionals for over a decade. It is interesting to note the most popular items checked out and the topics of most interest across books, tapes (video and audio), and the various library materials for use with children.

The most popular video tapes (65 people borrowed) are the most recent ICN Topics in Autism presentations: Early Detection of Autism, Early Developing Symptoms in Autism, and Critical Thinking Skills for Students with High Functioning Autism and Aspergerís Disorder. The next popular topic was targeting lower functioning youngsters (Building Independence Through the Use of Adaptations and Enablers). This was followed by a social inclusion tape (Autism: Being Friends) and an overview tape of High Functioning/Aspergerís Disorder (Great Expectations: Living with More Able Levels of PDD).

Books describing autism or supports for individuals in school or home were also very popular. The topic of toileting was number one (Toileting, A Functional Program; Clinical Considerations and Checklist for Individuals with Autism and P.D.D.). There was a tie for the first book describing TEACCH or structured teaching (Learning and Cognition in Autism) and the first book with discrete trial language lessons for high functioning students (Teach Me Language). Supports for those with High Functioning was the next most popular topic (Comic Strip Conversations, High Functioning Adolescent A Teachers Guide, and Bright Start: Cognitive Curriculum for Young Children). The topical books about the transitioning adolescent (A Guide for Successful Employment for Individuals with Autism) and overviewing language and communication needs of this population (Teaching children with Autism) were also popular.

The most popular audio tape was a taped presentation by married adults with Aspergerís Disorder or High Functioning Autism (Married Panel tape from MAAP conference). The most recent audio tapes of conference topics related to the early screening in autism (Screening and Diagnostic Classification of Autism and Earliest Indicators of Autistic Disorders from 2001) and law were the second most popular (Autism Litigation in the 21st Century, Educational Benefit and General Curriculum under IDEA).

The direct service materials used with young children with ASD have also been popular in the past ten years. Our toy libraries are built around themes with the animals/farm and visual discrimination items (same or categories of functional objects are used for matching activities) being the most popular. The Sensory Reinforcement Library has been used to assess or motivate children using the Tactile activities with Visually exciting toys a close second. The childrenís literature collection of pictures to velcro into the books show that Three Little Kittens and Goodnight Moon are the most popular books to use with very young children.