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  • Lending Library of Books on autism related topics available to Iowa users.

  • Reading Comprehension Practice Sets:  1. Non-fiction readers with topics of interest to children with autism or its related disorders (K-4th grade)  2. Children and Youth Interactive Reading books (velcro pictures)

  • Video tapes from training events and learning activities both professionally and non-professionally produced

  • Audio Tapes from national conference presentations; updates on legal decisions

  • Sensory Reinforcement Library materials for direct work (supervised) with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Description and Inventory

  • Young Children’s Literature Lending Library of preschool books designed with velcro-backed pictures to match into the books. Description and Inventory

  • Play Units of toys organized around daily life events useful with a variety of teaching strategies for kids 0-6 years. Description and Inventory

  • Picture Print Stories using pictures for conceptual understanding and words cards to manipulate to tell a story. Description and Inventory.
  • The decade's most favorite most checked out resources


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