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The following links are PDF files unless otherwise indicated. You need Adobe Acrobat or Reader installed in order to be able to view these files. If you do not have Acrobat or Reader, you can download it here.

Best Practices Birth to Eight in Autism Spectrum Disorders
September 22, 2005

There are many pages of paper for this ICN. Some handouts are required for every participant and others may be either required for your role on the IFSP/IEP or useful as a "for your information" document.

Required handouts:

Optional handouts (might be of interest to those planning and responsible for providing IFSP/IEP services):

Post 9-22-05 event downloads available to participants until Thanksgiving 2005:

The "Autism: Hidden Epidemic" DVD was from www.msnbc.com but searching for the product in their shopping section did not locate it. It may no longer be available. Ebay offers it for $15, check with your local AEA Autism Resource Team, or the Regional Autism Services lending library.

Methods of Intervention in Autism Spectrum Disorders Birth to Eight
September 29, 2005

These handouts are required and there are no optional resources for this ICN.


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