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The University of Iowa
Regional Autism Services Program
Child Health Specialty Clinic

100 Hawkins Drive, Room 226
Iowa City, Iowa 52252-1011
Sue Baker, M.S.
Autism Services Consultant
phone: 319-356-4619
e-mail: sue-baker@uiowa.edu
A program to coordinate:
Community based screening
• Team-oriented interventions
• Interagency cooperation
• Resource Dissemination

The Regional Autism Services Program is a cooperative effort of Bureau of Children, Family, and Community Services at the Iowa Department of Education, Child Health Specialty Clinics, and the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at University of Iowa Health Care.

Last updated on: Feb 2010

Goals of the Regional Autism Services Program (RASP):

                 a.  Providing services (via Autism Resource Team projects) to the student with autism. Autism spectrum disorders collaboratively with the Autism Resource Teams

                 b.  Using visual supports for behavior management, organization, communication, and social interactions

                 c.  What does "specialized curriculum" mean for persons with autism spectrum disorders in Iowa? 

                 d.  Statewide stakeholder's group develops an autism resolution about counting birth to three year olds and those with Autism Spectrum Disorders 4 years through the age of 22 years in Iowa's schools 

                 e. Social Story examples from research

                 f.  Articles about camps, referencing those with autism, autism education on the web, early identification

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