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Translational Research Team


Tina Knutson, Allison Knutson, and Laura Jacobus
(Left to right)

As Translational Research Coordinators, our role within the lab is unique. We are responsible for coordinating the interaction between clinical research protocols (both therapeutic and nontherapeutic) and laboratory investigations currently being conducted within the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC) at The University of Iowa. As a part of this process, we screen for patients that are eligible for projects being conducted within Dr. Weiner's lab. We act as liaisons between the lab and the clinic making it possible to provide fresh (and frozen) clinical biospecimens to the research lab. As a part of this, our team manages the process of informed consent, procurement of tissue, as well as blood and bone marrow samples from patients. For many of these projects, we gather relevant clinical data to accompany the biologic data captured from the samples collected.

Similarly, we spend time in the lab processing a variety of biospecimens that have been procured including nodal tissues, organ tissues, pleural fluids, bloods, serums, and buffy coats for various studies. For samples that are obtained as part of the Lymphoma SPORE registry, we process these samples to the desired/requested state for long term storage, and coordinate the storage and retrieval of samples as needed for various research studies from institutional investigators.

Some of the laboratory functions that we participate in include the following: collection and isolation of human leukocytes, tissue and peripheral blood DNA and RNA extraction, preparation of solutions, buffers and extractions, and use of basic laboratory equipment.