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General Area of Focus

focus areas

Mechanisms of action of anti-cancer monoclonal antibodies. The Weiner Laboratory has performed a series of studies that demonstrate complement fixation and antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity are not fully independent mechanisms, and may be antagonistic in some settings. The laboratory is exploring how antibodies with modified structure impact on these mechanisms of action.

Enhancing cancer immunization. The Weiner Laboratory has been exploring a variety of approaches to cancer immunization. Weiner and colleagues are exploring the effects of the TLR9 agonist CpG ODN in a variety of approaches to cancer immunization including a collaboration with Dr. Aliagser Salem exploring microparticles containing CpG ODN and their potential in cancer vaccination. An additional area of interest is exploring the effect of complement on development of an active immune response.

Functional effects of Granzyme B. In collaboration with Dr. Bernd Jahrsdoerfer, a former fellow, the Weiner Laboratory demonstrated that Granyzme B can be produced by B cells and plasmacytic dendritic cells, and is exploring the functional effects this Granyzme B.

Clinical Trials in Lymphoma. Dr. Brian Link leads the lymphoma clinical trials program at the University of Iowa, and works closely with the Weiner Laboratory that performs a variety of clinical trials related to may of the areas outlined above.