Recessive Neurodegenerative Disease

Biology of Batten Disease

The Davidson laboratory studies inherited genetic diseases that cause central nervous system dysfunction and gene therapy to the central nervous system. One form of Batten disease, a childhood onset neurodegerative disease, is due to a deficiency of a lysosomal protein, ceroid lipofuscinosis type III, or CLN3. We have showed that CLN3 is a lysosomal membrane protein and also how mutations within CLN3 alter protein trafficking and function. Using in vitro transcription and translation experiments, we have begun to unravel how the protein orientates itself within the lysosomal membrane. Additional experiments are underway to test if CLN3 associates with other lysosomal or non-lysosomal proteins. We have ongoing studies aimed at determing CLN3 function with in a cell. To approach these studies we generated a CLN3 animal model for further disease study and for studies to determine if gene transfer of CLN3 to the brain restores normal CLN3 activity and is able to reverse disease phenotypes.  The ultimate goal is to understand how an absence of CLN3 leads to neurodegeneration, and to test if gene replacement imparts protection to the diseaes phenotypes.

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