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Mission Statement
To maintain and repair the critical and non-critical equipment, the physical plant and support systems required for a high quality healthcare environment that contributes to providing exceptional services.
To become a premiere department with service and team oriented staff providing a well-maintained comfortable and safe environment.
Deliver the most efficient equipment and building repairs to all customers by developing defined protocol for Engineering to interact Hospital wide with implementation of repairs and follow-up communications.
Guiding Principles:
Realizing that everything we do ultimately touches the lives of our patients, their families, visitors and all staff. We demonstrate this by:
  • Helping each other make responsible decisions.
  • Keeping each other informed.
  • Helping each other become more efficient.
  • Ensuring we deliver timely, high quality, cost-effective services.
  • Creating an environment that promotes participation.

    Recognizing that taking pride in what we do improves opportunity for personal and professional growth.

    Organizational Chart: