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University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics - Engineering Services

Medical Instruments Shop Information

  • As of July 1, 2010 the Med Instrument Department is now a part of Engineering Services at UIHC.

    The Med Instrument Shop has been in existence since 1927 and will continue to service the many University and Hospital departments as it has in the past; repairing, engineering and developing varied equipment and instruments.

    There are changes!

    The shop is made up of three Senior ERD Machinists.

    Dale Flannery, Operations Manager, has the leadership responsibility.

    Katheryn Ogden, Clerk III, is responsible for billing and requisition tracking.

    Click here to view the Engineering Services Organizational Chart.

  • With this re-organization departments that request work need to provide a requisition form filled out in its entirety. If the work is of an urgent nature or the paperwork is not available there are forms located at the front area of the shop. At the very least please be prepared to identify your department and your name when bringing repairs to the shop.

    Click here to open a form to submit a Med Instruments/Graphics requisition.

    There is also a new pricing structure that Katheryn Ogden can share with you.

  • Where to find us:

    The Machine shop will be in its current location B002 in the Medical Laboratories building until November 2010. After this time it will move to its new location in RCP room 0035 in the lower level.

    The Graphics shop is located in General Hospital room B-1-D in the lower lever close to Elevator B.

    Contact phone numbers for the Machine Shop will stay the same:

    Shop Area 467-5118

    Graphics 353-6402

  • Other contact information:

    Katheryn Ogden, Budget and Requisitions, 467-5119, katheryn-ogden@uiowa.edu

    Dale Flannery, Operations Manager, Information and Requisitions, 356-1918, dale-flannery@uiowa.edu

    Wayne Abbott, Director, Engineering Services, 356-2009, wayne-abbott@uiowa.edu

  • How to get there: