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UI Hospitals and Clinics Energy Conservation program
As you know, we have embarked on an ambitious energy conservation program. Many of the things that are being done will not have any direct impact on you. However you are the most important part of the program and can contribute significantly to the success of it. Here are some suggestions for your consideration:
  • 1) Turn off electrical equipment when not in use, such as task lights, computers, Coffee pots and similar equipment. Certain equipment could be turned off only at the end of workday such as copier, etc. but please be sure you do it.
  • 2) Turn on the lights only when they are needed. Turn them off when not needed. While life of a fluorescent lamp is reduced when they are switched on and off frequently, the energy they use when not needed is a waste.
  • 3) Please be sure to close all the windows and doors leading to air conditioned areas whenever building heating or cooling system is working. (Year round at UIHC.) A large amount of heat or cooling is lost through the open windows.
  • 4) Whenever you can, group your errands together so you do not have to use the elevators as much. Do four things on a floor rather then making four separate trips. Use stairs instead of elevators it saves energy and is beneficial as an exercise too.
  • 5) Please do not tamper with thermostat settings. These are calibrated and adjusted units. They are set at recommended settings for optimal performance.
  • 6) Please report any leaking pipes, valves, faucets, etc. on trouble line for prompt repairs. (Tel. Phone 800)
  • 7) Please close blinds or drapes on sunny side during summer months. The energy required to cool the heat gained from sunlight is an avoidable expense. In winter months by leaving the shades open we can benefit from the same heat gain.
  • 8) If we can tolerate two degrees differential of indoor temperature, that is one degree warmer in summer and one degree cooler in winter we can save up to 3 percent of our heating and cooling expense depending on the HVAC systems efficiency.
  • 9) Minimize generation of refuse. Recycle whenever you can. It costs money to get rid of refuse. This is in addition to the cost of original product, such as paper, packaging etc.
  • 10) Minimize the use of water. It cost us two ways. Water down the drain costs as much as when it comes through the taps.
  • 11) MOST IMPORTANT send us your ideas and suggestion. Together we can save more energy.
  • There are many other ways we can save energy and hence the expenses of utilities. Currently we spend more than a million dollars a month for all the utilities. We can all try our best to minimize the consumption. Thanks for your cooperation.