Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding the curriculum renewal. If you have other questions or comments not addressed below, please contact us.

When will new curriculum begin?

The new curriculum will be implemented in phases, beginning in 2013 with the new class of incoming students. At that time, a portion of the revised M1 curriculum will begin alongside the previous curriculum. Those students beginning in 2014 will start an entirely new curriculum.

Who will be affected by the curriculum renewal?

Both students and faculty will be affected by the curriculum renewal.  The magnitude of the impact will depend on the extent of changes present in the final curriculum.

Will there be more elective time for student rotations?

Yes!  The elective portion of the current curriculum has is contained within the PATHWAYS component during the final 18 months of medical school.  Students enter the Pathways following completion of their core clerkships and taking their USMLE Step 1 examination.  In this phase of the curriculum, students will be able to choose from a menu of selectives and electives tailored toward their interests and chosen career.

Is it true that my favorite course will go away?

The content of many courses will be folded into the new curriculum under either the Clinical and Professional Skills or Medicine and Society or the Mechanisms of Health and Disease strands.  Few courses will remain as stand-alone offerings.