First Changes to the Curriculum

April 14, 2011 - Building on the current curricular strengths and many of the ideas put forth by the four Curricular Modeling Committees and with the approval of the Medical Education Council several changes will be taking place in the upcoming year. In short, the Committee is working on improved Integration, Individualization of the Curriculum, and Innovation with respect to curricular delivery (the 3 I's).

  1. Develop 2 week electives that M4 students may take toward completing their mandatory elective time. The Medical Education Council would be pleased to review any proposals for new 2 week electives your department may develop (previously all 4th year electives needed to be 4 weeks). These electives could be offered to the students as soon as June 27th.
  2. Implement the new note writing requirement for all required clerkships. For required rotations the students must write and receive feedback on a minimum of one note per week of the rotation. The new option in EPIC permitting faculty to add a teaching statement to a student note will begin on June 27th and may facilitate this requirement as well as improve student engagement.
  3. Develop programming proposals for a two-day intersession in March. Another change will be the development of a required two-day intersession for the third year medical school class. This will take place in March and we will subsequently be sending more information out and requests for development of programs in this intersession. If this pilot is successful, we anticipate expanding the number of intersessions in the following year.

Other changes are currently being planned and developed for both the upcoming year as well as subsequent years and we will continue to keep you posted.